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After a botched bank job, a gang takes hostage a Japanese girl on the run from an arranged marriage, and escapes. Their wheel man saves the girl from them and the two go on the run with cops, the gang and her psycho husband on their tail.
"Heaven's Burning" tells the story of a man and a woman who are inexplicably thrown together, amid violence and chaos. They quickly find themselves on the run from many adversaries, but find time to fall in love along the way.
This movie keeps you wondering what the outcome will be. <br/><br/>It is about a man who has no commitment to anyone. He then finds himself in a bad situation. It escalates with him finding himself on the run. He rescues a woman. He doesn&#39;t know what to do with her but ends up having feeling for her. <br/><br/>It has many elements to the film, including suspense, action, and romance. <br/><br/>It makes a great movie for both men and women. Make sure to watch this one. It&#39;s a great film.
An early effort with Russel Crowe. That&#39;s before he became a scowling thug.<br/><br/>Still his acting is good here.<br/><br/>This was a multi-racial effort. As the robbery gang seemed like Arab types, and with the Japanese connection (along with stretches IN Japanese) it seemed as if the producers were aiming for the international market. Well done if so.<br/><br/>The Japanese husband becoming a one man Yakuza seemed a bit laughable though. And the Arab men attempting to be friendly so they could bump Crowe off was just not believable.<br/><br/>The action scenes make it. And a lot of atmosphere here too.<br/><br/>And Colin Hay (remember Men At Work?) playing an annoying idiot in a wheelchair, constantly playing &quot;Ride Of The Valkeries&quot; on an accordion was a nice comedic touch.

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