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In a Japanese city haunted by nature spirits and demons, a secret war is raging between the renegade demon Eko and a spectral warrior known as the Karas. Eko has mechanized himself and his followers to defend against the unearthly fury of the Karas; in addition to an armored humanoid form, the Karas can transform into any of various heavily armed and armored vehicles. Eko and his followers prefer to live in the material realm in human form, but to continue doing so they must feed on the fluids of human bodies. Their periodic feasts result in massacres that leave only a single traumatized survivor; these "inexplicable" tragedies are the obsession of a marginalized police inspector whose daughter was the survivor of one such massacre. Opposing Eko are the renegade demon Nue, who also lives in the material world in human form but refuses to drink blood or take a mechanized form, and Otoha, a former human who is summoned by the mysterious Yurine to become the new Karas.
The DVD summary box says: In a futuristic Tokyo, humans and spirits are sharing the same living space without realizing it, thanks in part to the guardian raven Karas and his masters, who maintain the precarious balance between both dimensions. But when a former Karas named Eko decides to challenge the system by seizing control, it&#39;s up to the entity Yurine, who represents the will of the Japanese people, to secure the future for humanity.<br/><br/>This animation is a first-class piece of artwork. Visuals are stunning, and the audio (and audio options) on the DVD is as good as it can get. However if you don&#39;t know much about the anime, you WILL be lost in the first few minutes of the movie. On the plus side, you won&#39;t mind watching it again just because of all the cool CGI and fight sequences. I promise it makes more sense the second time around.<br/><br/>Just keep in mind that the ending of this movie leaves something to be desired because this is supposed to be a two or three part production. Hopefully there won&#39;t be too long a wait for the sequel.
i&#39;m sorry if you guys didn&#39;t understand it, but it made prefect sense to me. but i totally get where your coming from, my boyfriend had to watch it a couple of times before he got it. i thought the animation was well done, and don&#39;t get me started on the action. to be honest the movie really did&#39;t call out to me in the store but my BF talked me into it. And i&#39;m glad he did cuz i fell in love with this movie.i would be glad to explain the movie to anybody. i was jumping for joy when i found out it was part of a six part series. and i can&#39;t wait for the next installment. if anybody knows where i can buy any for cheap, that would be awesome.

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